Why I am using openrat?

Openrat (www.openrat.de) is a content management system which is creating static html pages. Creating static pages is very fast in case of delivering the pages by the web server. It is also a secure way because there is no need for a database and an administration ui on your web space. Another feature for me on openrat is, that it comes with no template. Of course this sounds ugly but I want to build the whole site one my own. I want to learn web technologies without getting influenced by a given meta model. With openrat you are able to build a static web site including the architecture and design you want to have.

Of course if you want to publish content very fast using a given template, openrat won’t your choice. If you want to create a web site with your special design and you want to have a kind of templating engine for creating static pages, than openrat may the right choice for you.

(2013-08-04 23:10:00 +0200)